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Data Transformation at Different Stages

Data transformation is an essential part of any data processing system. It is the process of changing the form of the data so that it can be used in different ways.

This step is a complex process, but understanding its different stages can help ensure the data is being used effectively, and knowing in which step you should make a specific change on your data is key to keeping it flowing smoothly.

by Sebastian Tamayo                                                 11 of April, 2023 

Automatic PowerBI Dataset refresh using Power Automate’s integration with Power Apps

The goal is to learn how to use Power Apps visual to introduce new data into a PowerBI report. The app has a form connected to the same data source as the report, and once the new data is loaded into the dataset, it must be automatically refreshed in order to visualize it.

This process helps to ensure that the most up-to-date information is always available in the report, and the following article guides you through every step of the way.

by Ayob Asrout                                                           20 of July, 2023 

Promote database schema from development to test

Promoting a database schema from development to test is a great way to ensure accuracy and consistency while ensuring that the changes made to the schema in the development environment are reflected in the test environment.

 We explain how to do so through Azure Pipelines

by Alexander Gonzalez                                             12 of June, 2022