Building the Future with Generative AI and Data Analytics 

How DataX Intelligence Stands Out

DataX Intelligence seamlessly integrates Generative AI and Data Analytics to forge the forefront of technological innovation. Our expertise in Data Engineering and Mobile Applications is complemented by our pioneering work with Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and OpenAI's suite.

We deliver bespoke solutions that empower informed decision-making and innovation, designing both insightful dashboards and intelligent mobile applications tailored to specific business needs.

By leveraging the synergy between AI, Machine Learning, and data analytics, we unlock the full potential of data, driving success and offering a roadmap for integrated, advanced technological solutions that enhance both data processing and business application development. 

Introducing the Team Behind DataX Intelligence

Pepe Amián, CEO: A visionary leader with over two decades of CIO experience, Pepe has spent the last six years at the forefront of AI-driven data analytics & Generative AI. Together with our dynamic team of data & AI engineers, we've mastered the art of transforming raw data into actionable insights using AI.

Our Expertise: We pride ourselves on our deep specialization in Microsoft’s suite (Power BI, Fabric and Azure) and OpenAI’s suite, as well as our proficiency with the Snowflake platform.

Global Impact: With a vast portfolio where 90% of our projects have an international footprint, we're global game-changers. ​